The tone of the school is marked by the school Heads

Mount Sinai International School has come of age. We will clock 10 years of meaningful existence in Malawi in September 2014.   We don’t only celebrate our existence but also our positive contribution to the society, locally and internationally.

As an international school we are there to meet the social obligation of the society. Remember it is through societal needs that a school can come up with relevant subjects to support the required skills. For example if a society needs, yes we will produce students suitable to pursue medicine by providing the relevant subjects and this applies to all societal disciplines.

Mount Sinai as a School within the larger society is ready to produce acceptable citizen in all inspects of life. We are there to mould a wholesome being in all aspects of life, be it academic, moral, spiritual physical and social development. As expected, a learned person must be disciplined and collected.  MSIS in 2013 managed to produce brilliant academic results across from Primary to High school because of high levels of discipline.  Hence, the tone of the school is marked by the school Heads. We try to nurse and nurture productive citizen as indicated by our alumni profile in the same website.

At MSIS we work as a team and in our already strong team we have added the following teachers to make the team even stronger.  Also a few changes were made along the way  to strengthen our team and  achieve our intended goals.

Mr H Dhakwa left the school after his contract expired and was replaced by Mr TF Mushaninga and Mrs L  Nyasulu in the High school and Primary section respectively.

In the High School section, the laboratory technican, Mr saidi left and  was replaced by Mr Nyasulu.  Ms F Nyirenda left to further her studies and was replaced by Ms N Chiombeza and Ms. T Nkhata.  Mr. M  kumwenda also left and was replaced by Mr. Phambana.  The French teacher, Mrs. Musiwa left and she was replaced by Mr. C. Ngendahimana.

In the primary section Mr. Egide a French teacher replaced Ms Mwanza.  Mrs kampira went on retirement and was replaced by Mrs. Lodzeni Phiri. Mrs Mercer left following her husband repatriation and she was replaced by Mrs. Liwewe.

In the sports department Mr. Bozwel Msango left paving way for Mr. J Namalawa.  In Mathematics Mr. Lumbe left and was replaced by Mr. Kacheche.

Mr. Mtambalika and Mr.  Kazembe came in to further strengthen the science department. Mount Sinai yes indeed has come of age. With a vibrant and experienced team, we will ever excel, the sky is the limit.  Indeed our secret is molding the proper disciplined citizen as the school Heads mark the tone of the school.

T.F Mushaninga

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