Construction of the Mount Sinai International School sports complex began in September 2013 and was completed by January 2015. The Olympic size swimming pool was completed in October 2016.

The MSIS sports complex offers a premier indoor multi-sport experience in an innovative championship level sports facility. The MSIS sports complex comprises of an indoor NBA size basketball court, netball and volleyball court. The complex includes shower rooms equipped with lockers for the safety of our students belongings.

Stadium seating is available for up to 700 spectators.The sports complex also has a maintenance office and sports gear storeroom.The Music, drama and dance studio is also housed at the sports complex.

MSIS Swimming Pool MSIS Swimming Pool

Mount Sinai Sports Complex

Mount Sinai International School offers a wide range of Extracurricular Activities for its Stu-dents and Teachers. Each term has its own Sporting Activities and the activities are football, netball, basketball, hockey, tennis, rugby, badminton, softball, cricket, baseball (rounder’s).


With the vast number of Sporting Activities we insure that our pupils do not only excel in Academia but also in Sports. One major activity that takes place annually is the Sports Day during the Second term. This is both for the Junior, Middle and Senior pupils. The houses PANTHER (Red), PUMA (Blue), LEOPARD (Yellow) and CHEETAH (Green) battle for first position and this encourages the students to participate, contest in this activity.

other-teamsMount Sinai International School had Sports Day Events within the campus unlike last year. This event has become an annual event as it creates the spirit of Competition amongst the Students and even the Teachers.

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