MSIS Community Service (Francis Masi 2009/2010 Academic Year)
Most of us think we cannot do something for our friends because we have limited resources or because we are too small. I was once like this, wishing to extend a helping hand to those who needed it but was pushed backwards by the fact that I was still a student and had no money. However, when I came across these quotations from some famous writers they really motivated me and have improved my life. I believe the same can be done upon your life.

When I see young children moving around in the streets, I feel compassion for them. It reminded me of a young girl I had met on the streets in worn clothes and no shoes begging for money at a bus depot. When I heard the insults that people said to her, I felt like crying so I spoke with her only to further discover that she was an orphan. I gave her some money to buy clothes and food for herself. I have always had the desire to stop others suffering ever since I started high school. I realized that helping the girl with money made me feel like I never helped her because she would get back on the street just like before. A desire grew in my heart but I thought I could not do anything because of my limited financial means. One of my teachers introduced me to one of Mother Teresa’s books and I read a sentence which said “We can do┬áno great things, but only small things with great love”. This pushed me to join an NGO in Malawi called Ministry of Hope which aids orphaned children with food, education and recreation.

Every morning I held youth discussions with the orphans on topics such as peer pressure, AIDS and addiction. I chose these topics because I know that these are the some of the factors which lead to poor education amongst teenagers today. I wanted the youth to know how to handle such factors so they could have a smooth path to achieving their goals. Often I introduced story telling sessions after classes, where by each student would go in front and tell his life story. This helped to bring the students together and forget their past experiences. I also shared stories about my own experiences, and I told them about the young girl who gave me the passion to teach them. In addition, I also taught them math and sciences which was challenging. Every day, I prepared materials to teach and. I remember sitting on a broken desk, while I watched the student’s tackle some math problems I had given on the board.

As time passed, I decided that I would introduce a sporting activity for the orphans. I believe having a balanced schedule for social and academic growth leads to good education. I decided to dig a long jump pit for them. We used a wheel barrow to carry sand to the orphanage. Eventhough it was tough I really enjoyed this moment. I remember the times when we ate sugar cane after digging so we could retain the lost energy. Sometimes they used to take me for hiking at the closest mountains and it was fun.

By the end of summer, my students’ academic performance had greatly improved which made me happy. The student’s stories of survival have greatly improved my way of living. I experienced a different life style and have made new friends. In addition I have gained work experience. I am a happier person because I know I made an impact.

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