ndondwa mijoyaNdondwa Mijoya: In September 2011, I found myself walking through the gates of Mount Sinai International School. Little did I know that this would be the breeding ground for my journey of a life time. I was 12 years old that time and I was to join form 3. In 2013 I found myself taking on the role of Head girl. The experience was absolutely incredible. It taught me important life lessons which I still hold on to until this very day. In May 2014, I sat for my IGCSE Examinations in which I obtained 2A*s, 5As and a B. I must thank my parents as well as my teachers for helping me achieve such great grades. Following my IGCSE’s, I found myself having to choose between College of Medicine and African Leadership Academy in South Africa. I am still yet to put together my final decision but I believe that whichever way I choose to go I am destined for nothing but the best as these are both prestigious schools. I am forever grateful to the school for enabling me to have such a wonderful experience.

asante mzunguAsante Mzungu: I joined Mount Sinai International School in September 2010, little did I know that it was a journey that was going to change the course of my life. I first began in form 2 and the first thing I noted were the close interactions students were able to have with their teachers due to the small student to teacher ratio. This was different from the school I was previously at. As time progressed, I constantly enjoyed my experience at Mount Sinai International School. The school presented various oppor-tunities for me to develop academically as well as individually. When I got to form 4 I became a School Prefect and later on the Head Boy. My experience as a Head Boy allowed me to develop further as a leader. I also became thankful for the public speak-ing skills I had to use these skills. In 2014 I wrote my IGCSE Exams and I scored grades consisting of 5A*s and 3As. Due to the massive support the teachers were giving us, these grades weren’t much of a surprise. Though Mount Sinai’s relations with top institution, I managed to receive a full scholarship to the African Leadership University and Admission to the African Leadership Academy. I decided to differ my admission to African Leadership University so that I can attend the African Leadership Academy. I will be leaving for South Africa in September 2015 for African Leadership Academy and I aspire to become a Computer Scientist and an Electrical Engineer in the future .

timothy chilembaTimothy Chilemba: I first at arrived Mount Sinai International School in September 2006. I must say, my first impression of the school was a little vague, but as time passed I learned that it was in fact a great opportunity. I was in standard 4 and aged 8 during my first year at Mount Sinai International School, I was also exposed to a rich curriculum and a multitude of sporting disciplines of which my favourite was basketball.I am thankful to the teachers and staff as well as the managers as their efforts allowed me to achieve 5As and 2Bs for my IGCSE. Because of the role the school played, they have allowed me to pursue my lifelong dream of aeronautics. My time at Mount Sinai International School was full of unforgettable fun endeavors as well as excellent academic experience. My next step in life will be attending a two year leadership at the African Leadership Academy in South Africa after being awarded the scholarship because of my outstanding performance.

peter mzunguPeter Mzungu: Joined Mount Sinai International School in 2010, in form 2 and I was 13 at the time. My experience at Mount Sinai International School was great. I learned a lot of things especially during my time as a prefect in form 4 and form 5. In the end, I got 2A*s 5As and 1D. I am currently selected to University of Malawi, Polytechnic to pursue Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing).
chisomo malotaChisomo Malota: Joined MSIS in 2006. At that me I was in standard 4. It was a small school then but I watched it grow over the years. I enjoyed and loved Mount Sinai. It has amazing and friendly teachers who helped me grow to become the person I am today. I graduated in 2013 with an aggre-gate of 19 points at IGCSE. Currently I am to proceed with tertiary education at the University of Malawi, the Chancellor College studying Bachelor of Education in Sciences.
upile chisalaUpile Chisala (Class of 2010 Head Girl) Current Position: Graduated with Distinction in BSoc., May 2015, at New Mexico State University) Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States of America.
lisa kaphamtengoLisa Kaphamtengo: Joined MSIS in Form 2. it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. MSIS has been an extension of my family with best teachers that always encouraged me to have positive attitude towards school. I graduated with A’s and I am selected to College of Medicine to pursue BSc. In Physiotherapy.
 tamanda hiwaDr. Tamanda Hiwa. MBBS – Medical Officer (MoH) . (Class of 2008 Head Girl ) Graduated from College of Medicine – University of Malawi

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