Mount Sinai International School, the marketplace for ideas

Mount Sinai International School exists to provide a broad, balanced education for children aged 4 to 16 years within a friendly and conducive environment. We encourage students to strive for excellence and shine in all that they do.

The policy of the school is to safeguard children and to affirm that every child matters whilst providing the best education in the region if not in Africa.

The information age that our children will enter as adults will have at least an equal if not greater impact on their way of life than did the industrial revolution that laid the foundations of  schools and society as we know them today .For schools to be outstanding, educational institutions in the new millennium they will need to be conscious of these changing realities .Mount Sinai International school, because of its rich history and  clear mission is already well on the way to meeting the exciting challenges of the future.

Schools are incredibly important institutions. Next to the family, the school enjoys one of the most noticeable and enduring impacts on people. Schools are not only expected to educate society’s youth in the obvious academic, physical and emotional arenas but also in the social arena of mores, traditions, customs, conventions and values, including habits and minds. Schools must also help prepare children for successful fully enjoyable lives. An outstanding International school for the new millennium is one that must cultivate a lively bustling environment where learning, thoughts, ideas, facts and skills are constantly being developed and exchanged between and among students, parents and teachers. “Mount Sinai International School a marketplace of ideas”

We are entering an era that is transforming our political and economic landscape. Robert Reich, in his book: The work of Nations, speaks of each nation’s primary asset in this new century as that of its citizens’ skills and insights. Nations, he argues, will no longer produce national products or national technologies. All that will remain within national borders are the people who compromise a nation. We can already see many examples of this beginning to take shape around us.

Mount Sinai International school products like all the other children are going to enter a workforce defined more and more by the new demands of an information age rather than those of an industrial age. It is indeed Industry and commerce that has formed some of the most important foundations of our society. So if schools as we know them today were originally designed to meet the needs of an industrial age, how must they evolve to meet the needs of the new information age?

There are broadly two schools of thought when it comes to education and schools. Scholars such as Hirsch, Ravitch and Bennett argue that disciplinary knowledge and cultural literacy are the primary ingredients for achieving an educated society. They contend that the most effective contribution schools can make is to deliver the major concepts and understandings needed by all citizens .As a result this knowledge-centered view or standard for literacy coupled with the information explosion has pressured schools, especially in more recent decades to expand on breadth and depth of subject area coverage. Teachers’ decision-making has heavily influenced the curriculum guidelines, textbook adoption and testing. Society has come to judge schools and educators by their ability to impart more knowledge sooner and faster .In contrast some would argue that what is rather needed is to emphasize on the thinking processes and skills. Consequently, emphasis would be given to developing these skills using disciplinary and cultural knowledge as a means not an end for educating a literate society. Mount Sinai takes into consideration these issues. “Mount Sinai International School a market place of ideas”

From this debate MSIS is surely doing the societal expectations. To help to achieve these aims we need the best possible staff team and the best possible facilities of which we currently have. We certainly have a very strong staff team who are able to deliver high quality lessons across a very broad curriculum with areas of great strength in academics, sport, music and theatrical arts. These activities compete for space with each other at certain times of the year.

In terms of co-curricular activities we have a vast area which our sports facilities are well enshrined. We have a standard soccer pitch, volleyball, basketball, tennis court, netball and an Olympiad type of gyminiasm and swimming pool. With all this it is very clear that our co-curricular activities are a success. Besides competing within the school we also engage our students with other schools in and around Lilongwe. Besides exceedingly doing well in the co-curricular activities, we are also known for producing excellent results. We are with the Ministry of education in Malawi and accredited to the Cambridge International Examination Syndicate. In High School we offer Checkpoint Secondary 1 and IGCSE .There is every reason to consider us your first stop school because we aim high and the best. We have resoundingly produced the best sets of Cambridge results in the past and history will continue to repeat itself. “Mount Sinai International School a market place of ideas”

Team work and team spirit amongst all stake holders over the years helped us to climb mountains of success. If we look at our alumni it reflects that we are doing our level best as we are proud to mention that we have Medical Doctors, Engineers, Researcher ,Lawyers ,Pilots just to mention a few.

Mount Sinai in the marketplace of Ideas, if you join us you will not regret. The above synopsis of the school is just a slice of the bigger picture you will get in this edition.

I hope you are going to enjoy exciting revelations in this edition and we hope to meet you as new parents at our school if you are not yet a Mount Sinai family member. “Mount Sinai International School, a market place of ideas”


Subject Combination for IGCSE Form 4 – 5
Science Humanities Commercials
English Plus any 2 from Geography, History or French
Combined Science
Art & DesignPlus any 3 from Geography, History, Literature or French
Business Studies
Combined Science
ICT Plus any 1 from Geography, History or French


Mrs. L. Autar
Head of High School
Mr D Chithala
Mr D Chithala
ICT and Exam Coordinator
Mr M Kacheche
Mr M Kacheche
 Mr H Kachamba
Mr H Kachamba
Mr C Ngendahimana
 Ms T Nkhata
Ms T Nkhata
Mr N Mtambalika
Chemistry & Biology
 Mr A Kazembe
Mr A Kazembe
Physics & Chemistry
Mrs N Mlozi
Accounting & Economics

Mr A Mafukashe
Business Studies

Mr J Tungama
ICT & Mathematics
Ms Abbie
Special Needs
   Mr S Sutton
Environmental Management

Mr S Nyasulu
Laboratory Technician
Ms N Mabvuva 


Ms T Nyasulu
Mrs T Kaimange

Mr B Ng’ambi


Mr B Maadza

P.E & Sports Coordinator


Mr P Sohaya

Drama & Literature

Mr MsiskaPhysical Education  

Humanities Department

The Social Sciences and Humanities Department is one of the largest in the school. It is comprised of History, Geography, Art and Design,  Accounting and Business Studies. At the helm of the department is Mr. H. Kachamba who is the Head of Department.

All members in the department are well equipped and ready to discharge their duties. The department’s moto is: “It‟s difficult to fail and failing is not an option.”

The major goals of the department are to manage to supply the wider society with well equipped citizens. We are trying to create a place for our students in today’s world. For example with History and Geography we are creating lawyers and with Accounting and Business Studies we are creating the finance human resource and entrepreneurs. Our major aim is to produce a competent work force for proper development of the society.

In short the department has the capacity to equip students with a variety of pre-job skills which are needed in today’s industry. Remember, students come from wider society to a small society (school). After the school has equipped them with knowledge, the students go back to the wider society to help with their knowledge. It is the society that dictates what must be learnt in schools (what the society needs). It then becomes the duty of the school to provide such knowledge. As  Humanities Department, we are the key to today’s challenges.

Science Department
The science department consists of Combined Science, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics,ICT, and Physics. We teach students to acquire and apply practical skills through investigation. For the department to achieve this, the H.O.D and the members are making sure that there are enough stocks of apparatus and chemicals.

The department again is working on a science booklet which will comprise of all the science subjects. This booklet is expected to be out by the end of this academic year. The department is also working on conducting a science fair once a year targeting pupils from middle school to high school. This fair is aimed at explaining how science can be in real life events, for example, how signals are used in television and mobile networking. Lastly, they will learn how electricity could be generated using simple materials.

The science fair is believed to be a tool of continuity from standard six pupils as they are moving to form one. There is fear among the students towards science subjects so we hope this could help to eliminate this attitude towards science.

Languages Department
The Languages Department comprises of English and French. The teachers who teach these subjects are shown above. Our aim as a Department is to promote and develop language skills through wholesome approach that will enable learners to acquire and apply skills to listen,speak, write, read, understand, analyze, criticize, order, and articulates facts for effective communication in both English and French.

Further to this, knowing that language is a platform for students’ success in most if not all the other subjects, we encourage students to use a range of increasingly complex sentences to communicate meaning and give fluency to their speech and writing.

Examination Department
The examination Department is headed by Mr. D. Chithala.

High School teachers

2018/2019 High School Classes

Year 8 AM

Year 8 CN

Year 9 DC

Year 9 NM

Year 10 NM

Year 10 TN


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