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Message From the Managing Director


On behalf of the Mount Sinai International School Board of Directors and the Mount Sinai Staff I would like to extend a warm welcome to all students, parents and guardians to MSIS. At MSIS we believe that education is more than imparting knowledge. It is about building character and empowering each individual to be an enthusiastic lifelong learner and a global citizen of the future. A child’s early years are his/her basic foundation in shaping character, inculcating moral values and preparation for a life of leadership, selfless service, and personal fulfillment.

MSIS aims to provide student-oriented education that allows the continual discovery of our students’ potential in an ever-changing world.  For the last ten years MSIS has succeeded in combining academic excellence with a broad range of opportunities beyond the classroom. MSIS is committed to the pursuit of excellence in education and achieving excellent standards in all that we endeavour.

The past ten years have represented a bright decade for MSIS during which our students have given us great joy because of their continued Academic and extra-curricular success.  It has been a decade during which our parents and teachers have worked diligently hand in hand to contribute to school’s objective of being the best International School in Lilongwe.

Since the School opened its doors on 6th September 2004 a lot has been achieved. The work of the school has not been confined to only reaching Academic heights, but our objective has also been to provide a conducive environment for the holistic (spiritual, physical, emotional and cultural) development of our Students. There are so many activities that have been organised to foster the holistic development of our students. The School has organised and participated in countless sporting events, artistic events, theatrical performances, national spelling competitions and has represented Malawi in various international competitions among many other activities too numerous to mention.

I use this platform to acknowledge with gratitude, the dedication and sustained efforts of all those people who have played and continue to play an integral part in the growth and development of this great institution over the past 10 years. These include our late Executive Director Mrs Mary Kaphweleza Banda, of whose dream this School was built upon. Our Board of Directors  lead by the Chief Executive Officer Mr J.R. Kaphweleza Banda, our Heads of Schools and Heads of Departments, all the past and present Staff, the Student Alumni and our  present and future MSIS Students. Our MSIS students give us the strength and courage to continue our efforts, always aiming higher in order to achieve more. The smile of our students, their progress and prosperity will always be the best reward and legacy for Mount Sinai International School.


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  1. I am happy to say this is the first speech from a school managing director I have seen that speaks volume about what a good education should be. Children need the best help possible in terms of development. I love most the part you explain about how from acknowledging the world is ever changing, you aim at guiding these students to move along with it by discovering and using their full potentials.

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